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Welcome to my photographer's website!


I have been shooting as a professional photographer for 

34 full time years now.

Shooting around the country for various commercial clients,

modeling agencies, magazines and the general public. 

When I first started out I worked hard to get good using studio strobe lighting and developed my portfolio with that style. 

After spending much time shooting for top agencies such as Ford and Elite in South Beach,Miami and NYC.

I quickly found out they wanted natural light and began learning to see and harness mother natures light. 
Now, many years later things have reversed and natural light has become the first love in my photography work. 
The strobes do get used for jobs requiring it, but it seems I am becoming  more known as a natural light shooter. 

In the past 15 years I have instructed many educational photographers workshops around the country.  It has been great meeting and working with those interested in learning and growing. 
I developed a beginner photography class recently and have greatly enjoyed working with photographers who want to get their DSLR cameras off the Auto mode.  
Also available is one on one mentoring for those who are not fans of learning in group settings. 
You can custom design a session to fit your interests! 

Please look around the site, read the reviews and be sure to send me a message with any questions you might have! 

Thank you, 
Dan Doyle

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