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Educational model tip of the week

One of my all time pet peeves when shooting models is their hands. Hands always tend to get in the way and become a distraction in the photographs. I could go on and on for days about this, but will spare you all :) This photo illustrates good use of hand placement and how a hand should look. Hands should be used as a compositional "tool" to lead the eye to the models face or clothing. Whatever it is that is being " sold" in the photograph. Not lead the eye to the hand or away from the subject! In this photograph, the models hands are placed to frame the "subject".... the glasses. Practice using your hands in the mirror, get comfortable with them. Retain in your memory how they look when correctly placed. And kick the cameras butt on shoot day! I will be touching on this more and more and my blogs unfold and develop. Please come back and stay tuned ;)

sample eyewear 1.jpg

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